Wednesday, 10 June 2015

The Evolution of SharePoint and the Cloud

SharePoint Server Update 2016

In 2016 Microsoft are promising a SharePoint Server update. This is due to be available to the public as Beta at the end of 2015 before being fully released in the first half of 2016. The new Server will be an ‘On-Premises’ version of its SharePoint Server.

What will You get from the Update?
SharePoint began as a content collaboration solution focusing on team sites. But SharePoint evolved and new experiences were added; Portals, Business Intelligence and Content Management. The three core aspects of SharePoint; Experiences, Management and Extensibility remain central as SharePoint evolves, both within the server and across Office 365.

Many businesses continue to run their company’s on-premises within the firewall or with hybrid developments, so Microsoft are looking to make this next version of SharePoint Server the most secure and the most reliable, so that companies will be more inclined to take advantage of Cloud innovations.
With that in mind the focus for 2016 will be Content Management, Team Collaboration, User Experience across devices and Utilising the Cloud. Therefore enhancements will be made on:

  • An improved user experience in relation to mobile experiences, personalised insights, people-centric file storage and collaboration.
  • Cloud Inspired Infrastructure by improving performance and reliability, Hybrid Cloud with global reach, support and monitoring tools.
  • Compliance and Reporting with new data protection and monitoring tools, improved reporting and analytics and a trusted platform. 

More developments are being made within Office 365 too, making experiences more collaborative, mobile friendly, intelligent and always ready to use.

With the release of Office 365 businesses were offered numerous functions from storing information in the Cloud which could be synced to various devices, e-mail management, the latest Microsoft Office Suite, One Drive and a public facing website.

With the update there will be even more on offer:

  • With Office Delve business will have a new way to discover relevant information and connections from data across Office 365.
  • NextGen Portals such as Office 365 Video will be ‘ready to go’, Intelligent, Collaborative and Mobile.
  • One Drive provides a single place to store, sync and share in a way that is secure and reliable.
  • Office 365 gives companies e-mail capabilities, instant messaging, tasks, contacts, personal files, social feeds and more.
  • Power BI, built on top of Office 365, is an integrated analytical platform in the Cloud connection you to important information via the Excel Interface.
  • Yammer, part of Office 365 make it easy for social interaction within teams across a company.

From the simple idea of a collaboration sharing centre for businesses, SharePoint has developed into an indispensable piece of software that can now connect members of a team together so succinctly through One Drive, Office 365 and the Cloud that companies can only anticipate how it will further aid them in the future. With a safer and more secure server on the way in 2016 the possibilities seem endless.