Thursday, 31 July 2014

SharePoint and SharePoint Training

What is SharePoint?

Developed by Microsoft, SharePoint is an application framework and platform produced to store, organise and share information from any mobile device. It is a tool that helps companies organise data more efficiently to save time and effort as well as aiding employee collaboration.

Why do we need to Train in SharePoint?

Users of SharePoint in theory, don’t need training to use the actual platform, but form a business perspective using SharePoint and utilising SharePoint have two extremely different outcomes.
Knowing the underlying functions of a system like SharePoint is not the same as knowing how to use it for simple tasks.
If you think of a Microsoft Office product such as Excel for example, to some it is a basic spreadsheet. However, there are multitude of facets available you just have to be shown how to use them. Most people are aware of how to insert data into each column, some even know how to delete or insert columns, but you can also convert information from a table into a chart or graph, you can include a formula to save time when totalling a column or row. Unless you click on the drop down menus most of what Excel can do is hidden.
SharePoint is similar in that it hides many of its functions in myriad menus.
In order to be able to utilise SharePoint to get the maximum benefits, regular training is required. By doing this all SharePoint users within a business are facilitating SharePoint’s potential, which in turn means they are contributing to the overall business.
The reason that this should be done periodically is because, as with most technology, things change. A lot of companies are upgrading from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013 so there are always new things to learn. Check these guys out if you need any help with training
Especially considering there could be some small glitches to iron out when using older Office suites.

What are the effect Training Methods use to Learn SharePoint?

There are so many resources available out there in many different formats; from books, to videos, instructions documents to instructor-led training there really is no reason to be left in the dark. On top of that if you are worried about financial expenditure, there is an entire SharePoint Community out there more than willing to share their insights for free.

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