Monday, 10 February 2014

Microsoft SharePoint SEO and Blogs

I have a good question for the world of SharePoint - why do so many of you host your blogs on WordPress or other platforms instead of SharePoint? The answer is simple: it is easier and cheaper but that does not make it correct! (Yes I am on blogger I know...)

SharePoint took a huge leap forward when it released the latest version because it added some SEO features. That said there are still many gaps, including being able to launch quick and simple blogs for its massive community to use. I browse many SharePoint Blogs and most of them are WordPress, Blogger or some custom development. Examples: - Blogger :-) - WordPress - Custom SharePoint Blog

So why is the SharePoint blog not fit for this purpose? I think there are a few reasons but I see if getting better in the future. I think Microsoft will get a cloud platform specifically for bloggers in the community to launch their own blogs and have their own domains. They must hate the fact that so many people in the community use other platforms.

Let me know your thoughts...