Sunday, 24 March 2013

A Podcast With Expert Nick Borell

Nicki Borell Talks About Sharepoint Search

I just listened to an interesting conversation over at the Moss Show, a podcast about Microsoft SharePoint

The host was Hilton Giesenow and he was interviewing Sharepoint expert Nick Borell at this years European SharePoint Conference which was held in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Nicki has over 10 years working in Microsoft enterprise environments, and he and Hilton discuss various topics including search driven applications.

Many of us already know that 2013 offers a number of clear improvements and functionality over its predecessors 2007, 2010.

However, in this interview Nicki draws attention to what's new specifically in SharePoint search in 2013.

So go and brew yourself a tea or coffee as there's some great information packed into this 25 minute show.

I'd like to get over to Copenhagen myself one day to check out the Rosenborg Castle and park.

So many beautiful places to see, so little time.

Hope you have a great week everyone.

Cheers, Brent

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