Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Ready for Microsoft Sharepoint 2013?

Question - Are You Ready?

Great things are expected of Sharepoint 2013, and rightly so, as there has been much fanfare about it on tech blogs and in the media and press.

Are You Ready?One of the most eagerly anticipated features of 2013 is increased emphasis on social media activity, which is highlighted by tools such as "Community Sites".

The folks over at Channel Pro had this to say:
".....To a business that has many employees based at remote locations, SharePoint 2013’s social network feature can help to combat the sense of isolation that can occur to a homeworker. Colleagues and employers can now chat and share designs, spread-sheets and other information, as they work....."
So Sharepoint can act as a virtual buddy for those working alone at home by helping them connect with their team mates back at the mother ship.

Good stuff, although frankly they could already do this via email, skype or using already established social media sites such as Twitter.

If you're interested in reading more of Marcus Austin's article click here.

Cheers, Brent