Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Updates From The Blogosphere

Blog Round Up - 5 Half Decent Posts From January 2013

Selection of Blog Posts
There are lots of quality blogs about Sharepoint, and - dare I say it - lots of absolute rubbish.

Like this one I imagine you're thinking....:)

But anyway, moving swiftly on.....

Below you'll find a collection of blog posts and online articles that caught my eye this month in the SharepointSphere.

I hope there's something in this collection to learn something from.

Without further do, here are my top five from January 2013. Perhaps top 5 is an exaggeration but I've read worse :)

1) A great post from 

2) A nice offering from  

3) An interesting post from

- We’ve Got SharePoint, Now What?” 10 Questions You Need to be Asking Yourself

4) A new article from about their new Edinburgh office.

5) Last but not least something from Mark Jones at

- Running a SharePoint software company

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