Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Updates From The Blogosphere

Blog Round Up - 5 Half Decent Posts From January 2013

Selection of Blog Posts
There are lots of quality blogs about Sharepoint, and - dare I say it - lots of absolute rubbish.

Like this one I imagine you're thinking....:)

But anyway, moving swiftly on.....

Below you'll find a collection of blog posts and online articles that caught my eye this month in the SharepointSphere.

I hope there's something in this collection to learn something from.

Without further do, here are my top five from January 2013. Perhaps top 5 is an exaggeration but I've read worse :)

1) A great post from 

2) A nice offering from  

3) An interesting post from

- We’ve Got SharePoint, Now What?” 10 Questions You Need to be Asking Yourself

4) A new article from about their new Edinburgh office.

5) Last but not least something from Mark Jones at

- Running a SharePoint software company

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Introducing Pingar Metadata Extractor

Microsoft Talk About Pingar

Hello to any of my regular blog readers
out there, greetings to all three of you :)

This video was produced by Dean Cleaver and Aesha Shah, two prominent members of the Sharepoint marketing team.

It highlights what they believe to be the
tremendous opportunities currently
existing in this market. Indeed, the
community is growing at a tremendous
rate and is now a 2 billion dollar industry.

They touch upon the potential in building apps for office, and share their opinion about Pingar Metadata Extractor, which is currently available in the App Store. Dean is clearly comfortable leading this presentation, you can see why Microsoft have chosen him for such a position in the marketing team.

Later in the video Dean hands it over to Aesha who goes into further detail about the Pingar App.

Cheers to you all,