Thursday, 11 July 2013

Infographic: 10 Tips to Help Make Your Project a Success

An Infographic With Tips About Project Management

Have a dig around yourself online and after a 30 minute fruitless search I think you'll agree - aside from 1 or two goodies like this one from Rackspace, decent Sharepoint infographics right now are thin on the ground.

Thankfully these folks from Edinburgh have just released a sterling one about project management.

This is the 2nd in the series, the first revealed 10 misconceptions about Sharepoint which you can view here.

SharePoint’s tactical business platform has pre-made templates that enable functionality, efficiency, and collaborative business solutions.

It is crucial to understand how to create a successful project that both enhances and conveys the principles, mission, and overall image set forth by the business.

There are a few key points to keep in mind listed in this infographic to the left for creating a successful project.

First, you want to connect with your most critical, demanding customers.

While it may not be an easy task, gaining their support is highly advantageous for a successful business enterprise.

Indeed, it is often the most stubborn and belligerent customers that, when pleased, become your most strident supporters.

Rather than passing out handbooks filled with elaborate instructions, provide users with hands-on training.

It is also important to designate a project owner who has the experience necessary to make informed decisions.

Allowing the IT dept to govern your project is a mistake because IT is not the population that is going to be using it.

Therefore, usually they cannot offer well-founded requirements on behalf of others.

Ensure that your project has a distinct name and is not simply denoted as "SharePoint." The name is merely a scaffold, and the project needs to hold character and convey the end benefits.

However, the project itself should be open ended. As the business develops, the requirements should grow with it.

Always enable interactivity, so that business users can collaborate and contribute development ideas.

Be sure to anticipate change and go with it. It is normal for plans and strategies to shift with time.

When the need arises, draw up detailed requirements that will ensure progress and improvement. Always keep expectations within reason.

Pay attention to the figures, especially with regard to cost and delivery dates. You want to encourage and promote productivity without overshooting the expectations.

Do not allow senior management to be the only constituents of the project steering group. Get business users onboard, as well.

Interactivity is very important. Likewise, do not overload on the authoritative rules. Keep rules simple and straightforward, especially at the onset.

As the project grows, you may consider implementing more in-depth policies.

An increasing number of project managers are thriving by using SharePoint to power their ventures and project initiatives.

When correctly employed, it offers several features that give rise to a successfully managed project.

Essentially, it is important to provide a well-managed foundation and encourage collaborative efforts.

I think that about sums up the 10 tips, to view the infographic in full size, please go here.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

A Podcast With Expert Nick Borell

Nicki Borell Talks About Sharepoint Search

I just listened to an interesting conversation over at the Moss Show, a podcast about Microsoft SharePoint

The host was Hilton Giesenow and he was interviewing Sharepoint expert Nick Borell at this years European SharePoint Conference which was held in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Nicki has over 10 years working in Microsoft enterprise environments, and he and Hilton discuss various topics including search driven applications.

Many of us already know that 2013 offers a number of clear improvements and functionality over its predecessors 2007, 2010.

However, in this interview Nicki draws attention to what's new specifically in SharePoint search in 2013.

So go and brew yourself a tea or coffee as there's some great information packed into this 25 minute show.

I'd like to get over to Copenhagen myself one day to check out the Rosenborg Castle and park.

So many beautiful places to see, so little time.

Hope you have a great week everyone.

Cheers, Brent

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Ready for Microsoft Sharepoint 2013?

Question - Are You Ready?

Great things are expected of Sharepoint 2013, and rightly so, as there has been much fanfare about it on tech blogs and in the media and press.

Are You Ready?One of the most eagerly anticipated features of 2013 is increased emphasis on social media activity, which is highlighted by tools such as "Community Sites".

The folks over at Channel Pro had this to say:
".....To a business that has many employees based at remote locations, SharePoint 2013’s social network feature can help to combat the sense of isolation that can occur to a homeworker. Colleagues and employers can now chat and share designs, spread-sheets and other information, as they work....."
So Sharepoint can act as a virtual buddy for those working alone at home by helping them connect with their team mates back at the mother ship.

Good stuff, although frankly they could already do this via email, skype or using already established social media sites such as Twitter.

If you're interested in reading more of Marcus Austin's article click here.

Cheers, Brent

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Updates From The Blogosphere

Blog Round Up - 5 Half Decent Posts From January 2013

Selection of Blog Posts
There are lots of quality blogs about Sharepoint, and - dare I say it - lots of absolute rubbish.

Like this one I imagine you're thinking....:)

But anyway, moving swiftly on.....

Below you'll find a collection of blog posts and online articles that caught my eye this month in the SharepointSphere.

I hope there's something in this collection to learn something from.

Without further do, here are my top five from January 2013. Perhaps top 5 is an exaggeration but I've read worse :)

1) A great post from 

2) A nice offering from  

3) An interesting post from

- We’ve Got SharePoint, Now What?” 10 Questions You Need to be Asking Yourself

4) A new article from about their new Edinburgh office.

5) Last but not least something from Mark Jones at

- Running a SharePoint software company

Have a great week,


Introducing Pingar Metadata Extractor

Microsoft Talk About Pingar

Hello to any of my regular blog readers
out there, greetings to all three of you :)

This video was produced by Dean Cleaver and Aesha Shah, two prominent members of the Sharepoint marketing team.

It highlights what they believe to be the
tremendous opportunities currently
existing in this market. Indeed, the
community is growing at a tremendous
rate and is now a 2 billion dollar industry.

They touch upon the potential in building apps for office, and share their opinion about Pingar Metadata Extractor, which is currently available in the App Store. Dean is clearly comfortable leading this presentation, you can see why Microsoft have chosen him for such a position in the marketing team.

Later in the video Dean hands it over to Aesha who goes into further detail about the Pingar App.

Cheers to you all,