Sunday, 23 December 2012

Responsive Sharepoint Websites Provides Inspiration For Jaded Designers

Renova Energia is the Site of the Month
Renova Energia is a Site of the Month
Just to let you know, the team over at, have now published 2172 reviews of what they believe to be the most creative or innovative Sharepoint powered Websites around today.

The Sharepoint sites of the month feature is a worthy read and may provide much needed inspiration for jaded designers looking to make their creative mark on this platform.

One of their latest articles from staff writer Luis Kerr, is a great piece on responsive Sharepoint Websites.

".....Rather than designing several websites for different screen resolutions, responsive design will enable you to design one website that specifies how it should appear on various devices......"

You can click this link to read the article in full.

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