Tuesday, 11 December 2012

2012 - A Year In Sharepoint

CMSwire.com Looks Back At The Year

Just read an interesting post over at CMSwire.com from author Jennifer Mason, looking leisurely back at the year with a focus on Sharepoint, Jennifer writes:
".....The next highlight of year for me was seeing so many HR departments recognize that they could use a tool like SharePoint to try to automate and improve their internal onboarding process for new hires....."

Now working at hosting specialists Rackspace, Jennifer has made three predictions for 2013:
A) Devices are going to Dominate How We Think
B) Users will want to Communicate Beyond the Boundaries of the Internal Organization
C) Evaluation of Hosting Options
I suppose time will tell if Jennifer's predictions come true, I certainly don't like her first prediction but agree with the other two.

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