Sunday, 23 December 2012

Responsive Sharepoint Websites Provides Inspiration For Jaded Designers

Renova Energia is the Site of the Month
Renova Energia is a Site of the Month
Just to let you know, the team over at, have now published 2172 reviews of what they believe to be the most creative or innovative Sharepoint powered Websites around today.

The Sharepoint sites of the month feature is a worthy read and may provide much needed inspiration for jaded designers looking to make their creative mark on this platform.

One of their latest articles from staff writer Luis Kerr, is a great piece on responsive Sharepoint Websites.

".....Rather than designing several websites for different screen resolutions, responsive design will enable you to design one website that specifies how it should appear on various devices......"

You can click this link to read the article in full.

Infographic About Sharepoint Fallacies

10 Misconceptions About Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint is used primarily for document and content management. SharePoint also has a bunch of features and applications that makes it a strong alternative to comparable business solutions. Ironically, it’s these same strengths that have led to confusion about the software’s capabilities.

Sharepoint Scotland company,, have just released this infographic that tackles the top 10 misconceptions about Sharepoint.

Infographic From

IT won’t run on iPads and Macs.

While it’s true that a great number of solutions are geared to specific operating systems, this simply isn’t true. Utilizing Office Web Apps and an Internet connection, SharePoint can be used like any other Office app.

It needs IT management.

This myth comes out of SharePoint’s alleged complexity. It’s such a powerful tool many believe it would take a skilled tech to use effectively. The fact is the app was built for users that don’t have the tech background. Like any of the company’s software, IT should monitor it, but users will be the primary managers.

It is Easy to Install and to Reap the Benefits.

SharePoint was developed with the newbie in mind. If one has the patience and desire, you could certainly take advantage of this app’s versatility. There’s a steep learning curve, but the result will be a better user at the hands of an unparalleled business application. Know what you want to do with it, train and keep up to date with SharePoint’s capabilities.

It is a glorified file store.

This is believed because that’s what most use it for with completely satisfying results. It’s rare to find anyone that’s uses all its features, like metadata driven refinements, PowerShell or decomposition trees. It would be prudent to investigate everything SharePoint has to offer.

It was developed for collaboration, not running LOB systems.

The software was engineered for enterprises and projects of all sizes. SharePoint has the framework and architecture, the third party add-ons, support development and reliable integration that makes it an excellent solution for pretty much any challenge.

It always looks like SharePoint.

This might have been true at one point. Over time, SharePoint has distinguished itself by simplifying its design. You can easily depart from the appearance of what was once the typical SharePoint site. Designing a more aligned corporate image website with SharePoint has become a simple matter of knowing how to use the software effectively.

The IT department can install it.

This one has some truth to it. The software undoubtedly has a default installation that would be sufficient for the average small business or departments within a company. Yet, to take full advantage of this powerful solution, it would be a good idea to have it professionally installed. That means a SharePoint installation by a tech that knows the application. Under their advisement, they can help you utilize SharePoint the best way.

It won’t need custom development.

SharePoint has features that the average user will never even hear about, let alone use. Out the box, it’s a great app. Yet, customization is SharePoint’s true strength. It can be tailored to perfectly fit any single company’s needs. This integration would be fundamental to production, making the exacting installation of SharePoint a must.

Everyone has SharePoint, that’s why we should.

While the software is certainly prolific, do your due diligence and ensure that SharePoint makes sense for your business needs. No app applies to everything and everybody, regardless of how many are using it. For your purposes, there could actually be a less expensive solution. There might even be a product that has features which are better suited to your requirements.

It is a one-off project.

As SharePoint has been effectively evolving with its clientele, this is simply an inaccurate assumption. SharePoint requires attention to updates and features. In the end the possibility of great success lies in the user. SharePoint is quite capable of doing the things you need it do, but the time and research is definitely required to effectively run and grow with your business with SharePoint.


The biggest and truest fact about SharePoint is that most of us really don’t know how to use it. Training and revisiting training is the best way to utilize SharePoint. With a wide range of features, it’s capable of pushing through any project put before it. It also has an excellent support system.

For a larger version of this infographic click here.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

2012 - A Year In Sharepoint Looks Back At The Year

Just read an interesting post over at from author Jennifer Mason, looking leisurely back at the year with a focus on Sharepoint, Jennifer writes:
".....The next highlight of year for me was seeing so many HR departments recognize that they could use a tool like SharePoint to try to automate and improve their internal onboarding process for new hires....."

Now working at hosting specialists Rackspace, Jennifer has made three predictions for 2013:
A) Devices are going to Dominate How We Think
B) Users will want to Communicate Beyond the Boundaries of the Internal Organization
C) Evaluation of Hosting Options
I suppose time will tell if Jennifer's predictions come true, I certainly don't like her first prediction but agree with the other two.