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Integration in Office 365

Office 365 is a Powerful Tool for SMEs

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Either I'm in a productive mood this week or I've drunk too much coffee, these are the only explanations I can offer for posting twice in two days on this blog :)

All sorts of businesses require software similar to Microsoft Office to store and access information. As an alternative to the standard Office package stands Office 365. For a moderately low price, a company gets access not only to the complete Microsoft Office suite but also to Exchange and SharePoint. The integration of SharePoint with Office software and tools brings many benefits.

One of the more powerful tools available in this package is Microsoft Office Web Apps. This is a feature that allows users to view and edit Office documents online through a browser. Since the files can be used online, there is no need to install Microsoft Office on the computer. As an added bonus, files being viewed on a browser also allows full use of all Office software on devices that are not Microsoft-based, such as standard tablets.

With a "remember me" feature, accessing SharePoint is the same as logging in. Once logged in, users are able to access any drive on the network and share information, in other words "shared drives". With this feature, information and files can be accessed and transferred from across the network, saving time and effort. Though setting up the shared drives can be a bit troublesome, it is well-worth the leg work in the long run.

The true power of Office-SharePoint integration comes through when saving Office files directly to a SharePoint location. This can be done easily, simply accessing the "Save As" and selecting from the locations that have been added to the list. This means documents do not have to be saved on the hard drive at all, instead redirecting all files to other locations such as business sites and the cloud.

Though all these tools are powerful, the data transferred through the networks must be kept safe. Toward this end, Office 365 includes powerful security measures to ensure all data is secure. This is accomplished by using more than just anti-virus software. All Office 365 services are monitored to be able to identify threats as they appear and recognize unusual behavior which is then reported or handled directly.

With all the tools of Microsoft Office at your disposal without even having to install the software on each computer, Office 365 is a powerful package. By using integration with SharePoint, the familiar Office suite becomes an even more effective tool. With it, users can access Office software online and share documents throughout the network and beyond.

Click here for information about how to integrate Sharepoint with 365

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