Monday, 20 August 2012

Sharepoint Loaded With Social Features

 Sharepoint Getting Smarter - Few Yet Taking Advantage?

A pleasant start to my monday morning reading an interesting article from over a coffee. This tech publication is one of India's longest running IT news sources, indeed they are in their 23rd year of publication and still going strong, but I digress.....

Their latest article that suggests advances in content management technology has made ECM (Enterprise Content Management) tools much smarter. Also that Sharepoint has been incorporating social features from online social communities such as Twitter and Facebook:

".....Products across software categories are taking a cue from services like Facebook and Twitter and incorporating elements from these social networking sites. Microsoft's SharePoint is loaded with social features like Box that connects users to relevant people, content and conversations....."

However the article also states that alas not many are taking advantage of these new social features.

".....except for a handful of vendors, not many are offering social intelligence unless they have been asked to include the same in their offering....."

I think this will change as vendors seek to harness the tidal wave of traffic that, if implemented correctly, social media can provide.

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