Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Ahoy Mateys! Avoid a Shipwreck

Avoiding a Sharepoint Shipwreck

Having just watched the engaging 1954 version of Robinson Crusoe featuring Dan O'Herlihy, James Milne's new article for IDM is very timely.

Six steps to steering clear of a SharePoint Shipwreck

Ship Sinking
 ".....failed SharePoint projects have become so common place in our industry that we have started to coin a new phrase which helps describe the volatile nature of these projects. We have started to refer to these failed SharePoint projects as another, ‘‘SharePoint Shipwreck’’. This metaphor has a number of characteristics in common with a real shipwreck; there may be nothing wrong with your vessel yet you still find your project perched upon a rocky shoal or maybe marooned upon a desert island....."

To summarise James recommends that project goals and content ownership should be clearly defined before starting, and that a clear business model is established before embarking on any Sharepoint voyage.

Hopefully unfriendly cannibals like those encountered by Robinson Crusoe on his desert island can also be avoided.

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