Monday, 20 August 2012

Sharepoint Loaded With Social Features

 Sharepoint Getting Smarter - Few Yet Taking Advantage?

A pleasant start to my monday morning reading an interesting article from over a coffee. This tech publication is one of India's longest running IT news sources, indeed they are in their 23rd year of publication and still going strong, but I digress.....

Their latest article that suggests advances in content management technology has made ECM (Enterprise Content Management) tools much smarter. Also that Sharepoint has been incorporating social features from online social communities such as Twitter and Facebook:

".....Products across software categories are taking a cue from services like Facebook and Twitter and incorporating elements from these social networking sites. Microsoft's SharePoint is loaded with social features like Box that connects users to relevant people, content and conversations....."

However the article also states that alas not many are taking advantage of these new social features.

".....except for a handful of vendors, not many are offering social intelligence unless they have been asked to include the same in their offering....."

I think this will change as vendors seek to harness the tidal wave of traffic that, if implemented correctly, social media can provide.

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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Ahoy Mateys! Avoid a Shipwreck

Avoiding a Sharepoint Shipwreck

Having just watched the engaging 1954 version of Robinson Crusoe featuring Dan O'Herlihy, James Milne's new article for IDM is very timely.

Six steps to steering clear of a SharePoint Shipwreck

Ship Sinking
 ".....failed SharePoint projects have become so common place in our industry that we have started to coin a new phrase which helps describe the volatile nature of these projects. We have started to refer to these failed SharePoint projects as another, ‘‘SharePoint Shipwreck’’. This metaphor has a number of characteristics in common with a real shipwreck; there may be nothing wrong with your vessel yet you still find your project perched upon a rocky shoal or maybe marooned upon a desert island....."

To summarise James recommends that project goals and content ownership should be clearly defined before starting, and that a clear business model is established before embarking on any Sharepoint voyage.

Hopefully unfriendly cannibals like those encountered by Robinson Crusoe on his desert island can also be avoided.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Technology Selection Challenges With SharePoint

Richard Harbridge's Thoughts on the Key Technology Selection Challenges With SharePoint

Richard Harbridge over at has over 7 years of Sharepoint experience as an end user, developer, administrator, architect, business analyst, and consultant.

Checking out his informative blog, this post caught my eye.

".....When making a decision whether SharePoint is the right fit or platform for your enterprise technology strategy it’s important to understand that SharePoint is a significant investment. Even the free version of SharePoint can lead to costs associated with migration of content, scale, and integration....."

The image above is Richard's rough generalization of how you might compare some product stacks to SharePoint (and its stack). Check out his blog, it's full of great content.

Business Intelligence Features?

The Business Intelligence Features of Sharepoint 2010?

Kris Frukacz over at has written an interesting post on their blog about the business intelligence features of Sharepoint 2010. Thankfully he doesn't go into too many tedious technical details, but he does furnish us with some images and charts to back up his opinion.

You can read more of Kris's thoughts here

Friday, 10 August 2012

Showcase For Outstanding Sharepoint Designs

Excellent Sharepoint Designs At

I don't know about you, but I like to look at excellent web designs while surfing the web and sipping on a coffee, whether they be in simple minimalistic html, css or Sharepoint. offers a showcase gallery that shows off a plethora of excellent SharePoint-based websites from all over the globe. They carefully select websites based on their usability, design, creativity and ability to incorporate modern techniques. If you have a spiffy SharePoint site why not submit it?

Interested in learning more, or just viewing some of the candidates?

If so more details can be found here

An Interesting Sharepoint 2013 Screencast

Screencast Of Sharepoint 2013 Observations

Yaroslav Pentsarskky, (you won't forget that name in a hurry) has posted an interesting screencast over at In it he shares new features that have caught his eye and also what has been disappointing in Sharepoint 2013.

He has this to say:

" might just be right for power users who have web hacking aspirations....."

There will be many who agree with that statement and some who won't, time will tell how users will view Sharepoint 2013.

If you're interested you can watch Yaroslav's screencast here

Newsgator Goes Sharepoint Social

 Newsgator Targets Sharepoint Audience?

With the news Sharepoint 2013 just around the corner, it looks like Yammer won't be the only player on the Sharepoint social block. It seems NewsGator believes theres plenty of social love to go around and has backed this by releasing a new version of their "Social Sites" plugin for SharePoint.

Newsgator's Brian Kellner had this to say:

"Our customers told us they needed a better way to filter, refine, interact and consume large amounts of information in the social streams," said Kellner in a statement to the press. "Whether they are on SharePoint 2010 or plan to move to 2013, they will still have the most advanced social experience available."

If you're interested, you can read more here